About Me

Hello, my name is Jonny. I've been blogging active, off and on, for about seven years now. Before that I had a website. It no longer exists. You can find my old haunts at the following internet websites by following the following hyperlinks. HTML. CD-ROM. GIF. QWERTY.

This Blog Could Be Your Life (2003-08) - My first blog. It was lots of different things at different points in time. Check out the bulk of my posts in 04-05 if you want to know how my year in Montana went, along with a ton of thoughts about politics/religion, courtesy of my 24-year-old self.

Midwest Mindset (04-07ish) - My first group blog. Thoughts on faith and living from a slew of Huntington College graduates.

My LJ (04-06) - This started out as a place for me to talk about music. That lasted a month. It later became a site for crossposts from xanga and blogger. It died quietly, once the Browning girls stopped posting.

My Xanga (04-07) - After livejournal, there was xanga. Well, I did both. Since more people stuck with xanga, it lasted quite a bit longer. Pictures with text. You've read blogs, I'm sure. I need not say more.

The Wal-Mart Blog (04-05) - A blog, at first anonymous, about my time spent working for Wal-Mart. Sometimes, I changed the names. Sometimes, I didn't. Makes for confusing reading. But one of my finest blogging projects.

Catfish Haven, aka 1545 Pratt Blvd #103 (05-07ish) - A kick-ass blog with my Chicago roomie, Jake. He erased it sometime after I moved to Vermont, the bastard. Luckily, you can find a snapshot of it on the Wayback Machine. Hurray, Internet Archivers!

When Bees Attack (Two months in 2005) - A collaborative story with Brett Jenkins, a famous poet I know, when she wasn't famous. I'm not being sarcastic. She's good.

Pamela Peckerman Is Wrong As Hell (06-07) - Ha! This blog was a messy disaster, but only because of me. Started as a group blog about handbags and fashion (kid you not), then I attempted to revive the blog and make it a music review site. Epic fail.

The DREAM Team (2007) - Blog about dreams. Active from 05-07, I joined at the tail end only to kill it. Sorry, guys.

Eternal Destinies of Sports Greats (2007) - Very shortlived group blog where we decided the eternal fates of sports greats. Inspired by a post on Midwest Mindset by YT.

the (new) xanga (2007-2010) - A sequel to the old xanga. My attempt to get my blogging habits back to Blogger in 2007. I always hated the name though. Hence, this blog.

Saniel Bonders Own Personal List Page (2008-present) - A list blog active only around the end of each year. For top lists. Lots of people post here. I only know half of them.