Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catching Up: X-Men First Class

I have never been less excited for a superhero movie. Completely underwhelmed and nonplussed, even with the inspired casting of James McAvoy as Prof X. (Go buy/rent Shameless S1!)

Catching Up: Jennifer Perlmutter & All Things Go

(via 2modern)

Stunning art work from Jennifer Perlmutter.

(Also, completely random and entirely off-base note, I'm not sure if certain folks should be allowed to describe their own work. B/c then things like this happen. Why not throw a bone to their struggling writer friends?)

"Inspired by a Sufjan Stevens lyric, this new series is a visual journal of rebirth and transformation. Through collage of old paper that has been painted or treated in some way, I create a maelstrom of debris and chaos. The marks around the shape transform the dark emotion and make a bridge into the light and calm. Throughout, the tension between extremes remains."

Catching Up: Rubber

This is why, most likely, we are friends. Because I bring you movie trailers for films about sentient (possibly murderous) tires.

Well done, internet, for bringing this to our attention.

(h/t to Cinematical)

Catching Up: Oh Brilliant

UK Teaser Poster for Winnie the Pooh (released over there a few weeks before we get in the Americas)

Catching Up: Besties!

You have to admit, it would be pretty cool if they were BFFs.

 (T minus 87 minutes...)

Catching Up: Doctor Who

It will be a sad day when Matt Smith or Karen Gillan leave this series. Joss Whedon's formula perfected: banter, banter, Giles, fight.

(Only 2:10 hrs:sec left in the airport!)