Saturday, June 19, 2010

David Mitchell's Soapbox

Some background. I'm not a huge grammar nerd. Example: I couldn't care less if people use a word like ain't, because in my grammar rule book, ain't has real meaning and grammatical purpose. It's a colloquialism to be sure. Think of it as the dirty version of aren't. Or turn that around: think of aren't as the euphemism for ain't. The word we use so that we don't offend those around us by our uncouthness. But ain't means something to millions of people, and that's what matters to me.

What I don't like are perfectly wonderful words and phrases that have simple meanings used incorrectly, voiding these words and phrases of all meaning whatsoever. You will find two perfect examples below, should you chose to watch the following video of a charming Brit called David Mitchell. Enjoy.

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