Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One for the Books

This is not the team you pick to win the World Series. Not at spring training. Not at the trade deadline. Not in September. But this is the team, with great pitching, with timely hitting, who gets hot at just the right time, who ends up winning every year. McCovey Chronicles*, take it away:

So, so many things had to go right for this. Nine teams had to pass on Tim Lincecum. Twenty-nine had to pass on Aubrey Huff. Edgar Renteria had to play through a torn bicep and a strained old. Some players had to stay healthy, and other players had to get hurt to make room for the players who would lead the Giants to a World Series title.

The Giants won the World Series. The San Francisco Giants. No foolin’. It’s on Wikipedia and everything.

*If you did not listen to me back in July, and fasten this blog to your google reader, listen to me now. Most entertaining baseball blog on the interlinks. For reals.

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