Monday, July 12, 2010

On Flopping

From McCovey Chronicles, one of my favorite baseball blogs, and my all-time favorite San Francisco Giants webpage evah:
Also, I got a good idea while watching another sporting event today. On every inside pitch, the Giant hitters should pretend they got hit. And when the umpire tells the hitter to get up because he doesn’t believe the Giants’ hitter was really hit by the pitch, the hitter should writhe in pain even more as if he was hit by the ball from Phantasm, with spikes and auger drills jutting out of it. This should happen after every inside pitch. I think it could give the Giants two or three extra base runners each game.
Just a thought.
Take that, Europe! Schooled in the arts of honesty AND humor. America! Fuck yeah!

Did you expect something different?

Chris Brown photoshop AND sweet vid courtesy of BWE.


  1. haha america hates soccer because we suck at it and don't understand it, so it can never be as awesome and pastimey Wah???

  2. Yes, yes. But what about that video!?! I.E., the BEST PART OF THE INTERNET EVER?!?!

    (((Also, soccer players are crybabies like Chris Brown.)))

    Also, also, I am awesome at soccer. Also, also, also, American.