Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Town Aerobics

One, here is a clip from the most/moster/mostest ridiculous show on television that was recently canceled making it actually not on television anymore. (Still on Hulu!) It is called Happy Town. From the creators of October Road, Fastlane and the US version of Life on Mars (all terrible in their own unique ways). The millions of dollars that were wasted getting this piece of donkey dung from concept to smallscreen were worth it, however, all because of this:

That's the sound a series makes when it know it's getting canceled awesome.

Two, if that wasn't enough, here is a clip of Peter Dale, dancing his pants off, in the 1989 National Aerobics Championship, via Best Week Ever. I solemnly swear to watch this clip every morning for the next five days immediately after waking up, then report back to you how totally awesome my week was because of it. You think I am kidding. I am not.

Also, back to Happy Town. Amy Acker ought to have been the lead -- either Sheriff Incompetent or Brian Michael Hackett -- because, let's face it, she is drop dead gorgeous and could act circles around this show. You think that's hyperbole?

BOOM goes the dynamite!

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