Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ellen Page is way too hot for your misguided idea of sexy

The Ellen Page Inception Look: Asexual Chic (NY Magazine)

For what it's worth, asexual or not, Ellen Page is gorgeous no matter what she's dressed in. Just because she's not outfitted like she got lost on her way to an old noir (i.e., Marion Cotillard) in Nolan's latest flick, doesn't mean she's not easy on the eyes.

Come on, shoddy online columns trying to steer eyeballs to pieces that have no journalistic/aesthetic/logical merit, get your act together. Yeah, she's not dressed like Liz Taylor circa 1955. But she's no less beautiful (or dare we say it, sexy?) because of it.

Miss Page responds to her detractors

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  1. I totally agree in every way. She's beautiful but with this inner smoldering hotness that is oh so sexy. There's only one major problem with your blurb of an article (no disrespect intended), not enough hot pictures!