Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dinosaurs Lie To Get What They Want!

How do we get back at astronomers for taking away Pluto?

If this is true, then what else is untrue?

Morph-osaurs: How shape-shifting dinosaurs deceived us (
Dinosaurs were shape-shifters. Their skulls underwent extreme changes throughout their lives, growing larger, sprouting horns then reabsorbing them, and changing shape so radically that different stages look to us like different species.

This discovery comes from a study of the iconic dinosaur triceratops and its close relative torosaurus. Their skulls are markedly different but are actually from the very same species, argue John Scannella and Jack Horner at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.


[Mark] Goodwin says the recent work is convincing and will mark a major shift in the field: palaeontologists must now factor in extreme changes in skull shape or risk misunderstanding evolutionary relationships and overestimating dinosaur diversity. Ignore physical development in dinosaur palaeontology "at your peril", he warns.

This is why science is so awesome, and so frustrating, all at the same time. It's also why I need a personal scientist on call 24/7 for followup questions and independent verification of purported facts.

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